Toki 140
Long Angled Pyramid Toki
Long Angled Pyramid Toki

Long Angled Pyramid Toki

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This stunning Angled Pyramid Toki is made from top quality New Zealand Greenstone and lashed with an adjustable brown waxed cord. 

Carved from Marsden Flower Pounamu this type of stone comes from an area outside Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

It also comes in a type called ‘flower jade’ – this is  generally the part of the stone closest to the outside that is showing the greatest degree of inclusion and oxidation. This results in gorgeous colors – golds, reddish browns and a wide array of greens.

This Toki (Adze) was an important Maori implement.  In bone or stone, it was traditionally worn by Maori elders, as it represented power, wisdom, authority, strength, control, determination and focus.


L 10.5cm

W 2cm