Toki 240
Small Hapopo(Big Bay) Toki
Small Hapopo(Big Bay) Toki

Small Hapopo(Big Bay) Toki

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This stunning Small Lashed Toki is carved from Hapopo (Big Bay) NZ Greenstone & completed with a matt finish and is lashed with a fully adjustable black waxed cord.

Which comes from the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s South Westland, where it is found near Kā Umu o Hapopo (Big Bay) This variety of pounamu is known for its deep, forest green hues and distinctive mottled patterns. Evoking the dense rainforests and moss-covered rocks of this wild region, Hapopo Pounamu exudes an earthy, grounded energy. Its unique texture and rich coloration make it a favorite for carvings that honor the raw power and timeless essence of the land.


L 5cm

W 3cm